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Who We Are

Based in Philadelphia, Point-to-Point Foodservice Consulting provides a relevant and innovative business perspective to drive revenue and profitability. We are experienced, passionate professionals who take great pride in working with our clients to achieve goals which grow sales and bringing maximum profit to their bottom line. Our team is comprised of hospitality professionals and other affiliated partners with over forty-five years of experience in the foodservice industry. Our expertise spans a wide range of professional backgrounds, including foodservice designers, management consultants, foodservice procurement directors, professional chefs, and former restaurant owners.

The Point Man

Ron Anzalone, Sr. has spent his entire career working in the foodservice industry. Starting out as a dishwasher and bus boy at local neighborhood restaurants, Ron quickly discovered his love for cooking and the restaurant business.


Throughout his time in the industry, Ron has been the head chef at multiple regional restaurants, as well as owned and operated several establishments of his own. After selling his last foodservice operation, Ron entered into the corporate world to focus on helping others succeed. Ron joined the second-largest food service company in the country, helping clients with menu development, food and labor cost, and overall foodservice subsystems. Ron also worked in non-commercial foodservice as director of foodservice for the Philadelphia-based military government center, DPSC. He also held a position on the foodservice management team of a large local university.

Ron and his team focused on menu development, food and labor cost, and operational systems of existing concepts, as well as developing and implementing new concepts. Prior to establishing “Point to Point Foodservice consulting”, Ron served as director of the design-build division of a major Philadelphia foodservice equipment distributor. Here he led a team of design consultants, former restaurant owners, and chefs to help clients with new concept development, redesign, and reinventing of existing concepts.


"Our mission is to provide
your business with a comprehensive roadmap for maximizing sales and profits."

Praying Together

Meet Our Strategic Partners

Point-to-Point specializes in the services we offer and are the best in what we do. To ensure our clients get the very best of all service segments within the foodservice industry, we have partnered with the amazing companies below who bring their very best foodservice offerings to the table!


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Integrity Statement

Point-to-Point is an independent foodservice consulting firm, a trusted partner you can count on. We work solely in the interest of our clients. Our income is generated only by the consulting services we offer. We are not affiliated or compensated by any foodservice dealer or broker. The specifications we write for our clients in the segments of foodservice equipment, food or non-food, are facilitated by what the best application is for your operation. We will make sure that every specification that we write for your operation is, in fact, what is actually needed to drive your operation. We will also manage the procurement and receiving of every product specified to ensure that all specifications have been met. We verify the integrity of each product to meet our clients' specification requirements. 

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